Follow In My Footsteps – Jeremiah 35

I am currently reading in Jeremiah and today I read chapter 35. The piece that is really striking me is verses 5-11. The Recabites were told many years ago how to live, and shown by theirfarther how to live, and they have lived that way. On a daily basis, I TELL my kids many do’s and don’ts. But do I do them? Not all the time.


I want to be a good role model for my kids and for people around me. I want to wear the aroma of Christ everywhere I go. I want people to smell that sweet aroma and want it too. So, that means I need to become more and more like Him. I want to reach with world with Gods own heart, but I have to learn more about it. Yes, I am in the Word daily, but it is more than that. I need to read and apply the Word daily. Now, I think I do, but I don’t do it all the time. I allow myself,to get caught up in my day and forget what I studied that morning. So I need to really reflect on what I read in the morning then actively seek it throughout my day. I want to be more like the Recabites – their loyalty, sense of obedience.

And, of course, throughdoing this, I want to impact my family. I want my kids to want to follow in my footsteps. Not because that is what kids are supposed to do, but because I have the sweet aroma of Christ on me and they want to smell like me. Have you ever noticed that when youhang out with someone, you begin to smell like them? Well I want to hang out with Christ more so I can smell like Him. Then hang out with my friends and family more so they can smell like me – which is like Him!

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