The “GOD” Basket

This morning, I was reading Ezekiel 19 and  it was all about the kings of Judah falling and that they couldn’t protect the people. They were captured and someone new was put into power who was then captured and it goes on. With this being an election year, I was reminded how in November we all head out to the polling stations with our vote and hope. Hope that this president will be the one to turn this country around.. With hope that this president won’t screw up like the last one did. We go with hope. But our hope and faith is placed on a man. We put all of our eggs in the basket marked “MAN”. Where is our basket marked “GOD”? Do we save even one egg for that basket?

We really have this all backwards. We need to place our “faith eggs” in the “GOD” basket and allow Him to use the person in office to turn things around. We are approaching the whole situation backwards and the longer we do that the longer this country is going to continue to dig itself deeper into debt, unsettledness, and dismay. 

So, this November, I will head to my polling station with my vote for a man and my faith that God will direct the actions of the man for the good of this country.  Once we as a nation get that, then the nation can begin rebuilding a strong core and get back on the right track. Even though we took a wrong turn and kept driving the wrong direction for a long time, our GPS (aka God) will find an alternate route and get us back on the right road. The thing is, a GPS won’t direct you if you don’t turn it on and ask for directions. 

So start today and ask God everyday who is the right person for office, who is the right person that will allow God’s direction in his decisions, who is the right person for our nation. 

And remember, the National Day of Prayer is November 3rd. Spend time in prayer for our country on that day. You won’t be alone. Christians all over the US will be praying too. Let’s join with our brothers and sisters and let our Dad know we’re here and we need Him!

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