When in Rome… Don’t drink the kool-aid!

As I was reading Daniel 6, it struck me that Daniel was able to please both God and man.  Here he is captive under a 3rd king, in his 80’s and he is still a person of power in this kingdom. Yet, he doesn’t believe what they believe, worship who they worship, or behave the way they behave. He and his friends have remained faithful to God in a very public way while working hard at the jobs given to them. This has pleased both God and man. Often times in our worldly surroundings we feel we have to adopt the behaviors and actions of those around us to be accepted. There is even a saying “When in Rome…” and it isn’t just a young person thing. We mature adults do it all the time. At work, with our non-believing neighbors, at the supermarket. We as adults need to do better at this and be positive role models for our children so they grow up strong in their faith and stand solidly on it regardless of their surroundings. It IS possible to please both God and man.  Work hard – at our job, in our relationship, everything we do – and remember to always thank God and share God in a very public way and never compromise our beliefs! We will glorify God and we will glorify those around us.

My take away is this: be CtK Michelle no matter where I am, and teach my kids to do the same.

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