Matthew 14:13-21

Here are my thoughts as I read Matthew 14:13-21 this morning…

When Jesus saw the large crowds, the first feeling He had was compassion. What is my first feeling after a hard day and then I see a large crowd waiting on me? Compassion doesn’t come to mind. Think of the large crowd being my family after a long day at work or doing errands, do I come home to them with compassion for their needs of me, or am I bummed that yet another person needs something from me. I’m afraid it is the latter of the 2. And it shouldn’t be. This crowd, or my family, follow me because the need me.when I come home, or they come home, compassion needs to be the forefront of my mind.

The disciples response at dinner time was, send them away so we can eat, and I’m sure rest. But Jesus’ compassion for them wouldn’t allow that. He challenged the disciples’ compassion by telling them, nope we can feed them right here. But it is important to note that yes He did challenge their compassion, but He guided them through it. I need to remember that Jesus will guide me through those times of compassion when I’m not really feeling the compassion.

Then we move on to Gods provision. He has provisions we don’t even understand or know anything about. We tend to only have faith in Gods provision when we can figure the how behind it. But that shouldn’t be the case. We need to just trust that God will provide, and in the process we may just witness a miracle. And in the process, don’t waste the abundance. Gather it up. It can also be used.

There are 3 principles of Gods provision we can take away from this:
1- thank God for what we already have
2- trust in Gods unlimited resources
3- Don’t waste what He gives you

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