I’m on a #ThankfulMission

1 Chronicles 16:34Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!


Did you say thank you today?  At some point in your day today, did the words thank you come out of your mouth?  I’m guessing if you interacted with a person at any point in your day, you probably did. At least you uttered a half-hearted “thanks” no matter how you were feeling… no matter how bad things seemed.  Right?

Why don’t we do that with God? Why do we forget to say “thank you” or even utter a half-hearted “thanks” when He does something in our lives? Because everything in our lives is from Him. The air we breathe. The ground we walk on. The house we live in. The car we drive. The food we eat. The ill-timed red light… Everything in our day is a gift from God. So, why do we forget to say thanks? Is it because we don’t see a physical person in front of us? Is it because we think these gifts are from us and our doing? Is it because we take His gifts for granted?  Would you allow your kid to get a gift from someone and then not at least mumble a thank you? I’m guessing not.

But, here I sit, I went through my entire day and I can’t recall a single time I said Thank You God for… and as I read this verse, it made me sad. I remembered to thank the person who opened the door for me, or made time for a phone call for me, or sent me the file I needed… but God who gives me everything, I didn’t say thank you to once today. #Bummer

So, I am on a mission… it’s a #ThankfulMission. I want to not only live a life of gratitude to those around me, but also to God. I want to stop overlooking Him. Stop taking Him for granted. He deserves more than that. Do you agree?

That’s #MyThoughtForToday
What’s yours?

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