Not Measuring Up?

Ephesians 4:17 – 5:5 lays out some dos and don’ts for those of us who are believers.  And wow, when you read this list, you may be thinking… well I did that today, hmmm…. I did that one too, oh, I didn’t do that one… nope, did that one. EEEEK!!!


So what does that mean? Are you a failure? Are you a bad Christian? Are you even a believer at all if this list details how a believer lives?

It’s so easy for us to beat ourselves up when we read Scripture and begin measuring ourselves. But, here’s the thing. We are are measuring ourselves against Jesus.  Do you hear that?  JESUS! The only perfect human to ever walk the earth. He doesn’t want us measure ourselves and beat ourselves up when we don’t measure up to Him.  He just gave us the example to strive for. To long for. And when we fail, we talk to Him, ask for forgiveness when needed and keep on trying!  Because I have news for you… you will NOT be perfect this side of Heaven.  Until you take your last breath on this earth and are welcomed into the arms of Jesus, you will make mistakes. It isn’t an excuse to not worry about it. It doesn’t give you a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. But it does give you grace… to turn back to your Heavenly Father who is seeking you, pursuing you, chasing you and ask Him to forgive your failures and help you do better. And guess what? He will!

So stop beating yourself up for being human. He made you human and He loves you for who you are!  He just wants you to live out the purpose He’s placed on your life, open the lines of communication (pray), learn from Him (read your Bible), learn from others (Christian community) and face each day seeking Him!  Seems simple, right?

That’s #MyThoughtForToday
What’s yours?

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