Does this sound familiar… you decide you want to get in shape and live a healthier life. So, naturally, you start working out! Things are going great, for a while, then you notice you are experiencing more pain, or you are enduring more injuries, or your balance seems off.

The logical thing to do is to cut back on your workouts since they seem to be causing all the problems… right???

WRONG!! All too often, we miss one very important piece of our fitness journey… and that’s FLEXIBILITY!

When I started this journey of living a healthier life, I did the same exact thing! I worked out, built muscle, lost fat, got hurt, stopped working out, got better, started working out again, lived in pain, stopped working out… it was a vicious, never-ending cycle!

But once you add flexibility training into your normal fitness routine, things will change quickly!

You will have more balance… you will suffer fewer injuries… you will perform better during your workouts… there are so many improvements I am not sure I could list them all!

And with that, I give you 5 simple reasons to start stretching today

1) Fewer Injuries

Muscle imbalance occurs when you have some muscles that are overactive and tight and other muscles that are underactive and loose. When you have this imbalance, injuries will follow. The key is to not only strengthen those underactive muscles, but to also stretch the overactive muscles. This will create muscle balance and help you have fewer injuries!

2) Less Pain

When you stretch your muscles, they become loose and less tense. When your muscles are loose and less tense, you will naturally have less pains! And an added bonus, stretched out, loose muscles are less likely to cramp too!

3) Improved Posture and Balance

Stretching your muscles will improve your range of motion. An improved range of motion will lead to increased balance and flexibility and will result in better posture!

4) Positive State of Mind

Stretching your muscles will lead to a more relaxed state. When you are more relaxed, your mindset benefits! You will enjoy a more positive state of mind!

5) Greater Strength

Through stretching and improving your range of motion, you will better be able to perform those strength moves. Getting deeper in a squat, being able to properly lift above your head, etc… will lead to greater strength in your muscles, and better performance in your workouts!

Now you know WHY you should incorporate flexibility training, but how much is enough?? I recommend you incorporate flexibility into your daily routine! Even a rest day should include flexibility! Spend about 15 minutes each day stretching out your muscles making sure you incorporate all your muscle groups each week. Spend a bit more time on muscles you feel are tighter, and a little less time on areas that are already flexible.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive FREE Flexibility Workouts. Each workout is about 15 minutes long and focuses on your entire body!

Oh, and I should definitely mention stretching should NEVER hurt! You should feel the sensation of stretching, but it shouldn’t be painful. If at any time during stretching you feel pain… stop, back out of the stretch and don’t go as deep!

Fitness is one of the 3 main pillars to your health. Being physically fit involves more than how much weight you can lift or how far you can run… incorporate flexibility training into your fitness program today and you will feel better, look better, and live better before you know it!

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