Have you ever decided to get healthy… did great for a while… maybe even reached your goal… then went right back to where you started? Most likely, it had nothing to do with the “things” you were doing, but more to do with the way you were thinking.

Your mindset is the biggest saboteur when it comes to living a healthy life! Yes, eating right and exercising is important. But, it is how you view and talk about your journey to health that matters most.

Once I learned I needed to ditch the diet mindset for the healthy lifestyle mindset, things turned full circle for me and my health! Because, let’s face it, diets don’t work… they are not something you can maintain for the length of your years.

So, I challenge you to try these 5 simple hacks to switch your thinking from a diet mindset to a healthy lifestyle mindset, and see how much more successful you’ll be! Here’s the thing… living a healthy lifestyle will lead to weight loss. You’ll also be much more peaceful in the process!

Hack #1

Instead of seeing your body as something that needs to be fixed… view your body as something you value and love! When you value and love your body, you will do anything to keep it healthy.

Hack #2

Instead of having the goal of looking good and losing weight… have the goal of feeling good and being healthy and strong. Love your body just the way it is and ditch the scale. The scale should not be the ultimate measurement of success. Instead, each day focus on how much energy you have, how great you slept, how good you feel in your clothes. That is your ultimate measure of success.

Hack #3

Instead of focusing on foods you CAN NOT have… focus on all the amazing and good for you foods you CAN have! Preoccupying yourself with food you wish you could have, will set you up for failure. So, just know… NO FOODS ARE OFF LIMITS! Some foods are ON LIMIT, but not totally off limits. Knowing that you can have that “treat” will help you release the desire for that “treat”.

Figuring out what foods are ON LIMIT can be tricky, so check out the 3 Key Nutrients Every BODY Needs to help you navigate these decisions.

Hack #4

Instead of exercising to punish your body for the things you’ve eaten or goals you haven’t reached… exercise as a celebration of all the things your body can do! Being and feeling strong is amazing! When you exercise, congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come and how far you are going to go! Your body is an amazing and miraculous thing! Love it.

Looking for quick and fun workouts. Then check out the 30 Fun Minutes to get FIT.

Hack #5

Instead of punishing yourself or putting yourself down for eating something YOU deem bad… treat yourself, enjoy it, then continue your balanced, healthy eating. You are amazing! You are NOT perfect! Focus on progress not perfection.

When we switch our thinking to… It’s a Lifestyle Not a Diet, our outlook will be better, our moods will improve, and our bodies will be healthier!

To get healthy and stay healthy, you need to focus on the 3 main pillars to your health: fitness, nutrition, and accountability. But first of all, you need the right mindset. Just imagine it… simply changing how you view and talk about your journey to health means you will feel better, look better, and live better! And, the best part… people are going to notice.

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