Recently, I did a public speaking gig and when it was over, I received numerous accolades in person, through text, through email, through social media… you name it. I was feeling all sorts of love. It was a good day!

Then… that ONE came! You know the one… the one where someone finds the need to hide behind a screen and tell you that your shirt was ugly. Nothing about your skills, the content, the value or lack thereof, just that they didn’t like your shirt.

Well, I’m sure you know what’s next… I told everyone about the mean message… asked people if they liked my shirt… asked my husband if I should throw it away… it was consuming my every thought! Literally, in the click of a mouse, all the good feelings I had from that day were completely erased and all I could think about was, “IS MY SHIRT UGLY”???

It was around the same time, my husband showed me a quick 2-minute video from Simon Sinek where he said our minds cannot comprehend the “negative”. He went on to illustrate it by saying, “Don’t think of an elephant”. What did you just think about? AN ELEPHANT of course! You should watch it for yourself, but the bottom line was when you focus on the negatives… ALL YOU WILL SEE ARE THE NEGATIVES! And the inverse is also true… when you focus on the positives… ALL YOU WILL SEE ARE THE POSITIVES! It is our choice how we see things… it is all our own perspective!

It got me thinking… this is also true when it comes to getting healthy! Here is a real-life example from just this past week. Jane stepped on the scale after a week of eating right, exercising, sleeping well, and drinking her water… and the scale didn’t budge. It put her in a real funk and lead to her wanting to just give up! She did all the right things, but got NONE of the rewards, or so she thought. During our weekly coaching session, I pointed out to her on her InBody (body composition measurements), she lost 2 lbs of fat, and gained 2 lbs of muscle, that’s why there was no overall change. The fat loss was replaced by the muscle gains. She was still not feeling it, she just couldn’t get past the scale. Then we did her measurements… she lost 3 inches from her waist alone! Woah! She even went down a whole pant size. But somewhere deep inside her, she was still focused on the scale. She just couldn’t get past the negative to see all the amazing positives!

The good news in all this is… IT IS YOUR CHOICE HOW YOU CHOOSE TO VIEW THINGS. One thing I do with all my coaching clients is have them send me a text message every morning and tell me something they are grateful for that day. It starts their day with their mind on the positive. And when we make the switch to consciously choose to focus on the positive vs the negative, it will become more normal and those once in a while negatives, won’t completely derail our progress!

So today, I encourage you… start each day looking for the positives. Let the negatives roll off. Offer yourself grace in the process. And keep rocking it! You are an amazing human. Stand tall and remember that!

Remember, accountability (including your mindset) is just 1 of the 3 basic pillars of health you need to get and stay healthy. And as always, if you need a little extra help, schedule your free call with me. I would love to help you in your journey to getting healthy and strong!

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