About Me

IMG_0072Welcome to Total Wellness for YOU!  My name is Michelle and I am truly passionate about helping people reach their total wellness goals through fitness, nutrition, and mindset so they can live out the purpose and passion God has placed on their lives!

In May 2017, I had enough! Enough with the body fat, enough with the sickness, enough with the pain, enough with the migraines, enough with the prescription medications that masked my issues and actually led to more.  I knew there had to be a better, and more natural way to heal my body from the inside out!

My friend and trainer Bonnie Pfiester told me one day… “you’re doing everything right in the gym, but you need to work on your nutrition.” To which I replied, but I eat healthy! Well, that wasn’t as true as I thought.  She invited me to shadow her for 30 days and see if I could have a transformation. So I did! And boy what a transformation I had!

✅ Body fat = gone

✅ Muscles = defined and lean

✅ Skin = clear, youthful and glowing

✅ Hair = healthy and strong

✅ Nails = growing for the first time ever

✅ Sleep = sooo good!

✅ Energy = through the roof

✅ Pains = gone

✅ Migraines = no more!

✅✅✅ And so much more!

You see, through the use of nutraceuticals, I healed my body from the inside out. Over the course of the next few months, my doctors, one by one, removed ALL of my prescription medications. Which meant all the side effects from those medications were also a thing of the past! I was feeling amazing.  I had NEVER felt this good or been this healthy!

So, a passion was ignited deep in my soul … 


And that is when Total Wellness for You was born!  Using the best, most natural, simple and effective nutrition system on the planet paired with group and individualized coaching strategies, I help individuals reach their total wellness goals and live the best life they can imagine!

I’d love to work with you and watch you achieve your transformation!  Join this amazing community of people who are seeking to totally transform their health and take back their life!