Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here are some common questions and related answers.
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How much does this cost?

Cost will depend on your health goals and budget. I work with you to determine your best options. Typically, individuals actually save money when we account for the money they no longer spend on groceries and snacks. Ask yourself this … what cost would you put on getting healthier than you ever thought possible and being able do the things you want to do?

Is this complicated or will this take a lot of time and effort?

NO. Getting healthy and strong is simple and fun. Isagenix is the healthiest “fast food” you can get (it even costs less than eating at a fast food restaurant). You simply keep your same routine (for the most part) and replace one or two meals with Isagenix. If you are ready to take your health to the next level, add some physical exercise (I can help with that too).

Is this sustainable?

YES. As long as you are willing to put a little effort into changing your future, you can get and stay healthier than you ever thought possible. It is not a diet … it is a lifestyle.

Will this work for me?

Isagenix is helping hundreds of thousands of people experience real health transformations and they are having fun in the process. I will coach you along your health journey, but keep in mind … your success is determined by YOU.

I don’t need to lose weight. Is this still for me?

YES. Isagenix is a health and wellness company with many amazing products to support healthy living. This includes: weight loss, performance, and well-being. No matter where you are, you can get healthier than you ever thought possible and do the things you want to do!

I like to eat “real” food. Will I only be drinking shakes?

NO. I love to eat “real” food also. This is why Isagenix is so amazing. Depending on your goals, you will eat one or two “fork and knife” meals a day. Of course, you will need to make healthy choices for these meals (sorry … pizza and hamburgers don’t count as healthy). However, I realize life always comes along. Splurging on a special meal or snack every once and a while is still part of our healthy journey.

Can I get health coaching even though I don’t live close to you?

YES, absolutely! In this day and age, health coaching has no boundaries. I use many forms of technology based on what you are comfortable with: phone calls, video calls, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, etc… If you are ready to get healthy, I can help.

What is different about you? I’ve tried getting healthy before but it did not work or last.

There are many great health and nutrition products on the market. What sets me apart is the personal coaching and the amazing community of support you won’t get anywhere else. I’ve helped hundreds of people get and stay healthy and strong. Plus, Isagenix is a proven company that has been helping people get healthy for more than 17 years. Isagenix strives to be the most trusted health and wellness company in the world.

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