Maintain Don’t Gain

When you get to January, don’t feel guilty for the fun you had or bloated from the food you ate. Ring in 2020 feeling great, healthy, and happy! Simply do a few easy things each day to keep you feeling amazing while having fun this holiday season.

November 25 to January 5

I’m Ready to Get Started

What you get… Overall value of $1,120 to $1,355!!

  • 2 LIVE workouts each week (for local participants) ~ $120 value
  • 3 Online Workouts each week (for everyone) ~ $60 value
  • Meal Plan that is simple to follow ~ $25 value
  • Weekly Recipes ~ $25 value
  • Pro tips for meal prepping for success ~ $150 value
  • Pro tips for navigating the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!) ~ $75 value
  • Private, online community for support (Facebook) ~ immense value
  • Personal Coaching ~ $300 or more value
  • Weekly food log checks and tips to help make the right changes to get you results ~ $150 value
  • A prize for everyone who completes the 6 weeks.
  • A grand prize for one lucky winner who completes the 6 weeks.
  • Nutritional cleansing system – 3 levels to choose from ~ Value varies.


$9 / day

Get the best results! Don’t just maintain through the holidays… lose through the holidays!

– Replaces 90 meals
– Daily adaptogens
– 2 shakes daily
– 6 cleanse and fast days
– Daily metabolism support

* Preferred *

$7 / day

Our most popular option. to help you achieve your best health this holiday!

– Replaces 42 meals
– Daily adaptogens
– 1 shake daily
– Daily gentle cleanse


$5 / day

A great starting place that will help you stay on track this holiday!

– Replaces 42 meals
– Daily adaptogens
– 1 shake daily

*NOTE: prices may vary slightly due to taxes in your area.

What are you required to do?

Pro-tipdo these and you will win a PRIZE!
1) Daily adaptogens to help you deal with the stress of life AND the holidays.
2) Breakfast shake everyday.
3) Log your food everyday.
4) Weigh-in everyday.

How to win the grand prize of $100

Do these, and you will be entered to win the Grand Prize and earn endless bragging rights!
1) Have 2 people (new customers) join you in this group as accountability partners.
2) Complete the entire 6 weeks.
3) Engage with the group.
4) Log your food and weight everyday.
5) Take a before and after picture and share with Michelle (bonus points for sharing with the group).
6) Write and share a short paragraph about your experience with the group.

I’m Ready to Get Started