Mill Creek Falls (MCF) Boot Camp

In these times, we are all seeking better, more affordable, simple, and fun ways to live a healthier life and achieve our goals. The truth is… getting healthy and strong really is simple and fun! You just need the right tools and the right community!

At the MCF Boot Camp, you will get all you need to crush your health goals. The 3 pillars of health we focus on are Fitness ~ Nutrition ~ Accountability. And we teach you how to get the most out of all 3 at a price you can afford.

Come join an amazing group of friends for weekly workouts, nutrition coaching, and accountability.

Location: MCF Clubhouse parking lot (748 Irish Green Dr, Clover, SC 29710)
Dates: July 20 – August 16

Your MCF Boot Camp includes:

  • Three (3) 45 minute group workouts per week (in person or virtual)
  • Easy meal plan that will focus on proper nutrient timing throughout your day.
  • Weekly Inbody analysis (body weight and composition).
  • Private support group to help lead and guide you through the process.
  • A personal accountability coach to help keep you on track.

Group workout days and times:

Monday7:30 pm
Tuesday7:30 pm
Thursday7:30 pm
* If you miss a class, no worries. We will send you a virtual workout to do at home.

The group workout is modified for ALL fitness levels.
So if you haven’t joined us yet and are wondering if this is for you… the answer is YES!!!

All this for only $99 per person.

How do you get started? Simple! Either click the I’M READY button or click Schedule a Call to Learn More button to schedule your free coaching call. We will talk about your goals and make sure this is a good fit for you!

What to bring to the group workouts:

  • Water to drink … lots of water.
  • Pad / yoga mat / beach towel.
  • Towel to wipe your brow from time to time.
  • An “I can and will do this” attitude!