Maintain Don’t Gain – Week 3

Here’s what you need to do this week:

  1. Weigh yourself every morning.
  2. Log your weight in LoseIt (app).
  3. Eat your meals from the Weeks 3-6 Meal Plan, and follow your coach’s provided protocol. Pay attention to your portion sizes this week. Measure portions using a food scale and measuring cups/spoons (see Meal Plan for details).
  4. Log your food (every sip, every bite) in LoseIt (app).
  5. Complete at least 2 – 3 HIIT workouts (goal) and move your body everyday (walk, run, HIIT exercise, yoga, or any activity you enjoy).
  6. Log your activity in LoseIt (app).

Download the Weeks 3-6 Meal Plan.

Visit the Total Wellness HIIT Workout Channel for optional HIIT Workouts.

Visit the Total Wellness Stretch Workout Channel for recommended Stretching Workouts.