Maintain Don’t Gain Group

Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

Welcome to your 6-week transformation. We are very proud of you for taking this very important step to change your health once and for all! Throughout these next 6 weeks, you will make just a few easy to do changes that will have a huge impact on your health. Each week, be sure to click the button for the specific week you are on to get your updated meal plan, workout options, stretch options, tips, and tricks!

Do these and you will win a PRIZE!
1) 1 oz Ionix everyday.
2) IsaLean shake everyday.
3) Log your food everyday in the LoseIt app.
4) Log your weight everyday in the LoseIt app.

Get the LoseIt app: Each day, you will log your food, activity, and weight.

Please download the LoseIt app and setup your account. Once you have logged into LoseIt, click this link to give me access as your coach to view your log: