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Dear God…

Today I was watching an old episode of the show Army Wives and at the end, one of the characters was writing a letter to the family of the man who had died and through the organ donor program she received his cornea. Now, this was a big deal. Had she not received this transplant, she would have never been able to see again. She has a baby girl and she would have missed out on seeing her grow up, on top of that, she would have been discharged from the Army and for this woman, that would have been devastating. She is a soldier through and through. It is her identity. 

In this letter, she promised his wife that she would live a life worthy of his sacrifice. Isn’t that beautiful? She wants to change her ways, be a better person to bring honor to this man who not only fought and died for his country, but gave her a full life. As I was listening to her read the letter, it hit me…. God gave so that we may have a full life. He gave His son so that we could see clearly and live a grace-filled life. Where is our letter to God? Where is our promise to live a life worthy of His sacrifice?  We need to live out this promise. Write a letter to God everyday and promise Him that today we will live a life worthy of His sacrifice.  

I think it is important to re-write the letter every single day because, let’s face it, in a few days our to do list will be ruling our days, and this promise we made today will be forgotten.  With that being said, I challenge myself to start everyday making this promise to God. I know I am going to fail, but I am at least going to try. The sacrifice He made was too great for me to do any less. 

So, do you want to join me?  Write your Dear God letter below!

Go with the flow…

My reflection on Daniel 1:

Today I began reading the book of Daniel. In chapter 1, Daniel and 3 friends are captured and taken to Babylon. In the scriptures it says that God allowed all this to happen. It was the “flow”, Gods flow, that was taking place in their lives. These men had a choice, they could either go with the flow, or fight against the flow. They chose to go with the flow and honor God all the way. They went where God led them and they did what God led them to do, according to what they had been taught.

This past week while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, 2 men, a father and son, we’re doing what you do at the beach. They were swimming in the ocean. They were in chest deep water when out of nowhere they were caught in a rip tide. In the moment they had to decide, fight against it or let it take them out to sea. They chose to fight. In the end, the father, 68 years old, and his son were both overtaken by the water and both went under. They were both pulled from the water by rescuers and in the end,  the son was revived but the father was not.

God’s plan for our lives is a lot like that rip current. It is strong. Way stronger than we are and when faced with this current, we have to choose, fight against it, or go with the flow.  If we fight, we are eventually going to tire out and go under. We may survive it, or we may not.  However, if we float along the current to the destination we are destined to get to,eventually the strong current will end and then we can swim back to shore, peacefully and safely, with God by our side, cheering us on all the way.

So, I choose to go with the flow, God’s flow and see where it takes me.  It’s far safer, and less tiring, than fighting against it.

*** Please pray for the family who lost their Grandfather and father in this incident at Myrtle Beach. They woke up that day, just as Daniel, thinking its just another day at the beach. By 3pm, life as they knew it was changed forever. They lost someone they loved dearly.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.***

The “GOD” Basket

This morning, I was reading Ezekiel 19 and  it was all about the kings of Judah falling and that they couldn’t protect the people. They were captured and someone new was put into power who was then captured and it goes on. With this being an election year, I was reminded how in November we all head out to the polling stations with our vote and hope. Hope that this president will be the one to turn this country around.. With hope that this president won’t screw up like the last one did. We go with hope. But our hope and faith is placed on a man. We put all of our eggs in the basket marked “MAN”. Where is our basket marked “GOD”? Do we save even one egg for that basket?

We really have this all backwards. We need to place our “faith eggs” in the “GOD” basket and allow Him to use the person in office to turn things around. We are approaching the whole situation backwards and the longer we do that the longer this country is going to continue to dig itself deeper into debt, unsettledness, and dismay. 

So, this November, I will head to my polling station with my vote for a man and my faith that God will direct the actions of the man for the good of this country.  Once we as a nation get that, then the nation can begin rebuilding a strong core and get back on the right track. Even though we took a wrong turn and kept driving the wrong direction for a long time, our GPS (aka God) will find an alternate route and get us back on the right road. The thing is, a GPS won’t direct you if you don’t turn it on and ask for directions. 

So start today and ask God everyday who is the right person for office, who is the right person that will allow God’s direction in his decisions, who is the right person for our nation. 

And remember, the National Day of Prayer is November 3rd. Spend time in prayer for our country on that day. You won’t be alone. Christians all over the US will be praying too. Let’s join with our brothers and sisters and let our Dad know we’re here and we need Him!

Follow In My Footsteps – Jeremiah 35

I am currently reading in Jeremiah and today I read chapter 35. The piece that is really striking me is verses 5-11. The Recabites were told many years ago how to live, and shown by theirfarther how to live, and they have lived that way. On a daily basis, I TELL my kids many do’s and don’ts. But do I do them? Not all the time.


I want to be a good role model for my kids and for people around me. I want to wear the aroma of Christ everywhere I go. I want people to smell that sweet aroma and want it too. So, that means I need to become more and more like Him. I want to reach with world with Gods own heart, but I have to learn more about it. Yes, I am in the Word daily, but it is more than that. I need to read and apply the Word daily. Now, I think I do, but I don’t do it all the time. I allow myself,to get caught up in my day and forget what I studied that morning. So I need to really reflect on what I read in the morning then actively seek it throughout my day. I want to be more like the Recabites – their loyalty, sense of obedience.

And, of course, throughdoing this, I want to impact my family. I want my kids to want to follow in my footsteps. Not because that is what kids are supposed to do, but because I have the sweet aroma of Christ on me and they want to smell like me. Have you ever noticed that when youhang out with someone, you begin to smell like them? Well I want to hang out with Christ more so I can smell like Him. Then hang out with my friends and family more so they can smell like me – which is like Him!

Sin Can’t Be Rationalized

No matter how hard you try, you can’t rationalize your sin. Sin is sin, simple as that! I was reading Jeremiah 3 this morning and it dawned on me that we typically think that what we are doing isn’t bad in comparison to what others are doing, but that isn’t true. If you look at the 10 commandments, obeying your mom and dad is right up there with don’t lie, steal and cheat. It has the same importance as those “terrible things”.

So, as you are going through your day, pay attention to those little things you ignore because they seem insignificant, and put a significance on them and do something. For example, you see someone in need – instead of ignoring it and thinking someone else will handle it, put it in this perspective – what if you saw someone physically hurting a child, would you turn your head? Or would you do something to help that child? Hopefully you would do something for that child. It should be the same with the person in need. Meet them where they are and fulfill a need you are able to. Calling the police to protect a child seems so obvious, but so should pulling out some cash or food for that person who has nothing. It all comes down to need. A need is a need, whether it is food or protection from abuse.

Today I pray for perspective in all the crossroads and situations I encounter. And I pray for God’s heart to be my guiding light.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Reaching the World with God's Own HeartThis is how David is described many times in the Bible.  1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 are a couple of examples.  Yet, we read in 2 Samuel how David sinned with Bathsheba, got her pregnant then had her husband killed so he could marry her and cover up the incident.  So, how is HE (David) a man after God’s own heart?

Simple! He was forgiven.  And so am I. And so are you. God loves us in such an unconditional way, it is amazing that we forget it.  We can do these horrible things, but God loves us so much He forgives us.  When I think about the miracle in that, it humbles me to the pit of my stomach. It amazes me.  I find it hard to forgive someone for making a statement about my hair, or my weight. But, we humans do things like murder, steal, cheat, lie and God can forgive us without even a second glance. He doesn’t think twice about it, He just does it.  How amazing is that.

So, my challenge to you today is to head out into this world of brokeness, meanness and all around ugliness, and be the man or woman after God’s own heart.  The cool thing about this is when you are that man or woman, you will not only be seeking God’s heart, but you will also be “Reaching the World with God’s Own Heart”.  That is my mission for 2011.  Will you join me?