Can I Have a Drink of Water?

In John 4:1-45, we read about an encounter Jesus has with a Samaritan woman at a well. A woman He never should have spoken to… a woman for all intents and purposes shouldn’t have even been there at that time.


You see, it was the hottest part of the day and women typically went later in the day to draw water because it was cooler. But this woman, well, she specifically went at this time to avoid others because she had a bit of a reputation. So, I am sure when she was walking up and saw a man… a Jewish man nonetheless… sitting by the well, she was all but bothered. But she went anyway.

And what did Jesus do? Did He ignore her? Pretend she wasn’t there? Nope. He asked for some water. So not only was He willing to talk to her, but He was willing to drink from her jar. Gasp! The horror!

Who do we avoid because the world tells us we should? Who do we not say a simple hello to because we aren’t supposed to? Look what happened… because Jesus started with a simple question… will you give me a drink of waterthis woman’s entire life changed! No longer an outcast, no longer on a path to nowhere… now a child of God, saved by grace and the one who brought the life-giving message of Jesus to her town! Woah! Jesus used an outcast to do all that!

Who are we robbing of their blessing because we won’t simply ask them can I have a sip of water?


So, today, say hello to people. Ask simple questions. And see where it leads! Let conversation happen! Who knows what path God may be leading you down to help a person discover their path. And how cool would it be to get to be a part of a journey like that just for saying can I have a drink of water?

That’s #MyThoughtForToday
What’s yours?