Thanksgiving Day Tips

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Here are my 10 favorite tips to help make this the healthiest Thanksgiving ever!

  1. Move Your Body
    Be sure to get active on Thanksgiving Day! You will be consuming additional calories, so you need to burn some additional calories.

  2. Eat Breakfast
    Don’t start your day thinking you are saving calories for the big meal if you skip breakfast. It is the opposite. You don’t want to get to your feast starving! That would just keep you from making the best choices.

  3. Build a Healthy Plate
    Start with lean, white meat turkey, add vegetables, and then add the casseroles. You will still get a bit of the stuff you love, without breaking the caloric bank!

  4. Don’t Skip Dessert
    Yes! You heard that right! We are not on a diet. We are living a healthy balanced life and that will include dessert! Just be sure to have a reasonable size slice of pie!

  5. Eat Slowly
    Enjoy your food! This will satiate you sooner so you don’t overeat.

  6. Limit Alcohol
    It’s okay to have an adult beverage, just don’t overdo it! When you drink too much, inhibitions are lowered and mindless eating will take over.

  7. Stay Hydrated
    Dehydration mimics hunger! So be sure you drink plenty of water!

  8. Get Enough Sleep
    Exhaustion leads to stress and emotional eating! Be sure to get plenty of sleep through the holidays!

  9. Take Extra Ionix Supreme
    Holidays can be stressful, so take an extra shot of Ionix before your celebration. It will keep your body in check and better able to deal with stress.

  10. Don’t Fret
    You are not allowed to feel any guilt over anything you eat or drink on Thanksgiving Day! You are not on a diet, you are living a healthy, balanced lifestyle! So on Friday, just keep on keeping on!

Be sure to watch the video to get all the details behind each of the tips!

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